Genki Haramaki, in cosy cashmere


Since 2011 when we banished winter chills with our award-winning Genki Haramaki tummy warmers, we’ve been working on ways to improve our original, best-selling design. The result is the snuggest Genki Haramaki ever – with an all-new super cosy cashmere, breathable stretch fabric, available in 3 unisex sizes.

How can a simple tummy warmer make such a huge difference in the cold? Worn by Samurai and based on the wisdom of ancient Eastern medicine – ‘Chi’ energy, our life-force, is said to originate in the tanden” (Chinese: “Dantian – or solar plexus. Keeping the core warm is then key to ensuring optimal energy flow, circulation and operation of all bodily organs. Genki Haramaki wearers report warmer hands and feet, and the snug, comfort of our new stretch cashmere constructed textile shields from shivers.

Once you’ve tried this newest iteration of our famous Genki Haramaki you won’t want to take it off this winter! Snuggly hugging the hips, our new Haramaki feels great against the skin, and provides unexpected amounts of extra warmth for its slim fit. 

So give yourself a Genki Haramaki upgrade this winter – available from our online store now.