Stanley Brothers’ Charlotte’s Web CBD


Since their Charlotte’s Web strain was found to effectively treat epilepsy, due to its high CBD content – The Stanley brothers developed a hemp derived product, CW CBD to make this proven anti-imflamitory, anti-psychotic, pain and anxiety relieving nutrient available.

While many so-called hemp derived products have emerged since the benefits of CBD became better known in recent years, how can you be sure you’re getting a quality product in a theurapeutically useful dose, and at a fair price?

The problem with all of these products is that it is relatively inefficient to produce a CBD extract from a hemp plant with less than 3% CBD content, when a CBD-rich Sativa strain such as Charlotte’s Web can be grown measuring 15% CBD or more.

CW operate out of Colorado, USA giving them considerable freedom to operate, research and re-invest in CBD production. Until cannabis is legalized in your locality, CW CBD is the best you can buy.

Each capsule is filled with 35mg of Charlotte’s WebTM

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