Chlorella – Nature’s Perfect Food


Chlorella is a fresh water Algae widely used as a nutritional supplement in Japan since the 1960s. grown on the pristine Volcanic island of Ishigaki in Southern Japan to the highest possible quality.
it is an excellent wholefood source of vitamins,minerals,essential Amino and fatty acids.
It’s name comes from the fact that Chorrella is the richest known source of Chlorophyll – renowned for its powerfull natural cleansing and healing properties.

Chlorella contains the highest concentration of Nucleic acid of any food thought to revitalise by stimulating cellular regrowth. It is also an excellent Vegan source of Iron, Folic acid and B12. Chlorella will help cleanse, energise and renew.

  • Nucleic acids – thought to revitalise by simulating cellular regrowth.
  • Beta-Carotene -a powerful antioxidant.
  • Iron-essential for healthy blood.
  • Lutein- for healthy eyes.
  • Omega fatty acids – for heart heart and brain health.
  • A wealth of essential vitamins and minerals.